beton baspar,  new equipment for modern construction 

Due to increasing demand for modern world-wide technologies in building industry and civil projects, Beton Baspar Sanat Company has been established as a professional group to produce cutting-edge construction equipment.

Our company is honored for more than 40 years background regarding innovation and its experienced management and staff which has been bolded by the cooperation with other joint companies such as Persian Sanat Baharestan Co. (manufacturer of plastic pallets Cargo), Razak Shimi Co. (manufacturer of sanitary waste containers up to 1200 liters capacity) and Andisheh Bartar Miran Co.(Quality control developer of polymer products).

The products are exclusively monopolized thanks to the modern technology which is being utilized for the first time in Iran.


Our products include:

  • Baspar panels (as concrete forms, shear wall plastic forms, column plastic forms),
  • light forms as an alternative for polystyrene blocks slabs,
  • two way waffle slab forms (including Skydome and U-Boot) 
  • drainage pads
Wall and Slab Panels
  • The light, reusable and modular systems for concrete structures. 
  • weighing just 30% of steel forms. Beton Baspar Forms can be handled quickly on site without having to use cranes or other mechanical lifting device.
  • Light and easy to assemble. It can be installed and handled by a single person.
  • Beton Baspar form is cost effective as it can be reused more than 100 times when properly be used and maintain.
  • Concrete does not stick to plastic and dismantling is extremely easy. The forms can be cleaned just by using some water without any need of detergent. 
Wall and Slab Panels